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Hel Looks is a street style blog from Helsinki. Full site at www.hel-looks.com

Sari, 27

“I’m wearing modified second hand and clothes from the H&M sale. I was inspired by a fashion editorial mixing grunge and 70s.”

23 May 2014, Näytös14 

Milka, 21

“I’m wearing second hand and Weekday shoes.

At the moment I like to wear white, shiny materials and layers like skirt over trousers.”

23 May 2014, Näytös14 

Aura, 20

“The summer makes me want to wear dark colours and wrap myself in layers.”

23 May 2014, Näytös14 

Laura, 24

“My favourite colour is blue. I would like to wear similar clothes summer and winter. The winter garments would be made of warmer materials, the summer clothes of something lighter.”

23 May 2014, Näytös14 

Jasmin, 32

“I got the 90s Dolce & Gabbana shirt from my friend who lost his virginity wearing it. The jacket is Margiela, the shoes Prada, the trousers second hand.

90s Britpop inspires me now.”

23 May 2014, Näytös14 

Antti, 26

“I bought my hat at Viru torg in Tallinn. The Reppureppu bag is designed by me and my girlfriend.

Hats and socks are the cornerstone of my style. I like colourful and funny things.”


23 May 2014, Näytös14 

Siiri, 24

“I’m searching for the source of my inspiration. I would like to find something new, something weird.”

23 May 2014, Näytös14 

Aamu, 30

“I’m wearing an Acne coat and underneath a Damir Doma marble print shirt, a skirt from Yohji Yamamoto and shoes by Margiela. Freckles make-up is from Ensaemble's Pre-Helsinki presentation.

I’m inspired by the people I love. I’m interested in the human being behind the style and currently the person who inspires me the most is Chih-Han Hsu.”

22 May 2014, Korkeavuorenkatu

Lauri, 28

“I wear either women’s clothes or second hand.”

22 May 2014, Merimiehenkatu

Petra, 31

“I’m wearing a shirt from Cos, a vintage skirt, Céline shoes and a bag from Zara.

I’m dreaming of outfits with plenty of colours and textures.”

22 May 2014, Punanotkonkatu

Ama, 22

“I’m wearing gloves by Ensæmble, a second hand nightshirt and shoes from Monki.

I love colours. I would like to wear more short pleated skirts with high heels but not in a too feminine way. Or loose shirts and loose trousers with high-heeled shoes.”

22 May 2014, Ullanlinnankatu

Sini-Pilvi, 24

“I’m wearing a self-made jacket and shirt. Aalto university graduation show inspires me.”

22 May 2014, Ullanlinnankatu